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It was thereabout a year to the 2015 general elections when some political brides and grooms forcefully married themselves in a show of shame adjudged to be the worst political prostitution in the history of Nigeria for obviously different personal hidden interests but collectively to oust the then sitting president who has since been globally recognised as the epitome of modern day democracy in Africa and a role model to many western countries.
The marriage saw the light of the day when they eventually succeeded in snatching power from GEJ using different forms of political gimmicks notably fake promises, hate speeches/incitements, threats, rigging amongst others. GEJ being an honourable statesman who values the sanctity of human lives and believes in the supremacy of the unity of Nigeria, gave up the leadership mantle for peace to reign but above all to make Nigerians realise his importance because he knew the newly wedded had nothing to offer in governance aside mismanagement, division and outright stealing of our national resources for personal use. He (GEJ) has since been vindicated.
Fast forward to the realities on ground. It is thereabout a year to the 2019 general elections when the guests of the unholy Union (Nigerians) are expected to re-gather to either renew their mandate or establish another. Things are bad, no one seems to know the fate of Nigeria as the ruling class have succeeded is dividing Nigeria like never before while robbing the guests of their collective resources which were the initial sum of the collective interests of the union. Nigerians who were witnesses to the unholy political union are left in total confusion and disappointment though many have realised their mistakes and are ready to not only ensure the unholy union crashes but to send the couples to a mission of NO return come 2019.
As it stands today, the the ruling class who engaged in that unholy political marriage are both the ruling and opposition party while the victim of their political robbery is the rallying party. The marriage has gone soar and crashing by the day. This could best be associated with divine intervention.

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