APC was an Islamic party, it was evil-Ugo Egbujo

4 years ago the APC was really evil. It was an Islamic party with a big empty head. They said it was led by political pharisees.
Three years ago it had Saraki , Atiku , Kwankwaso and Tambuwal.
But it was the party of boko haram. It was the party of the enemies
of the Igbo and Christ.
Then Saraki was a slimy Chameleon who had ruined Kwara. He
was the slippery son of a rent seeking oppressor . He was one of
the reasons the APC was the party that lived on Propaganda.
Then Atiku was the poster child of corruption. He was the man who
had a criminal career as custom officer. He was the man whom the
United States wouldn’t let visit because of filth. He was the man
who had the political temperament of an ayilara prostitute.
Then Tambuwal was a conceited sakwatto boy. He was the one
who thought he was a seer because he was a one eyed man in the
land of the blind. He was deemed lively but shallow.
Then there was Kwankwaso. He was Hausa Fulani too. So he was
part of the Islamic agenda. He supported Buhari. He was the man
who rigged the Kano elections. He was the master of the use of the
underaged and cows to inflate election figures. He must know
what happened to the Kano REC. He was evil.
Today Saraki is now a hero of democracy. A political James Bond.
He will grow Nigeria. Atiku now has competence and character. He
will end Boko haram and bring electricity. Tambuwal has become
a man and a detribalized patriot. He will contain the killer
herdsmen. And Kwankwaso is now truly popular. He no longer
needs underaged children and cows. He will industrialize the
country. The PDP has gathered these men. It will choose one of them today to lead a holy transformation. The Evil APC has lost all its men. But it has remained very evil.


  1. Good information

  2. Nice one

  3. So many nonsense. Its only in Nigeria you will find a part belonging to one religion. This is how they caused divide.

  4. Okay

  5. Thanks for the update.

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