Here is a table in Nigeria. A country where children go to school
hungry and where they could not provide ordinary seats for
students to sit on, that most children who are lucky enough to pay
school fees to attend primary school have to sit on mere
uncemented floors with leaking roofs as their classrooms. A
country where over 60% of children cannot even eat a meal a day.
And when those children strike, we will call them children of
anger… terrorists….Nigeria is a curse for humanity.

This picture has proving that Nigerian politicians are after wealth, personal and family development rather than the development of Nigeria and it citizens, APC has been the biggest mistake in Nigerian history, BUHARI and OSINBAJO has been the greatest nightmare of Nigeria, Nigerians are not happy with the way our politicians wine and dine and merry while we lost millions of Nigerians by Boko Haram which was in real sense created by APC as a strategy to criticize the government of Goodluck Jonathan. Is time for Nigerians to sit up and fight for our rights. No more Muslim Political domination, they have been in power for years yet have nothing to offer, No more bokoharam, defend yourself by killing anyone who wants to kill you.

Do you support calls for President Buhari resignation?
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