Apologies to Gov Umahi as Peter Obi case put to rest-Philip Nweze

The controversies trailing the process that produced the Atiku/Obi
presidential ticket has been finally laid to rest.
For emphasis sake, the crux of the conflict was that other regions
were consulted prior to Mr Peter Obi’s nomination while the South
East leaders were unjustifiably sidelined. If Atiku had announced
his running mate without other people from other regions making
inputs, perhaps the leaders wouldn’t have bothered. To worsen
matters, other Igbo states sent a total of five nominees all together
in exclusion to Ebonyi and IMO states.It was unusual that the
leader of the South East governor’s forum should watch from a
distance as political events unfolded in his domain, with his own
state as the ultimate sufferer!
Governor David Umahi has been at the forefront of the push
against the historical oblivion and criminal marginalisation of
Ebonyi people and this was just another instance. It is nothing
short of idiocy therefore for any sane Ebonyian to attack one who
speaks for us.
As usual, the opposition flew the flags of hate and made an event
out of it. The lies that followed suit spread faster than a
communicable disease! They tapped into the adrenaline of some
misguided and misinformed youths to spread unbelievable
falsehood against the man who voiced out hard against the
historical oblivion and criminal marginalisation of his people since
the days of yore.
Our continued relevance in the scheme of things was under threat.
Governor Umahi soldiered on to challenge our exclusion from the
political equation of the zone. And all we could do was castigate
our hero. What a shame! And the revolutionary was hurled with
abuses! Chai! May God forgive us all!
But this saying from an English author should console our
Governor: Those appointed to lead great institutions are like
criminals condemned to torture, only this difference that the latter
receives punishment due to their crime and the former for their
It is impossible for the South East zone to claim political
sovereignty and autonomy while its fate is decided by other
regions. Most of the principal actors in the effort to install Mr Peter
Obi as Atiku’s running mate were from the north and western part
of the country. If six people could come from other regions to take
decisions and there was nobody from the south east, and our
people think it’s right, then we are worse than our oppressors!
Former governor, Peter Obi is undisputedly, a man of giant intellect
and towering reputation and one politician whose personality
captures the concept of servant-leadership, and one of our
exceptional political products. So nobody is againt Obi.
Governor Umahi never attacked the candidacy of Peter Obi. He did
not ask for him to be replaced as VP candidate and never said he
was unfit for the position. The details of the South East PDP
stakeholders meeting also did not show where they attacked Obi’s
suitability for the coveted position. Therefore what wrong has the
Governor done in signaling the need for stakeholders to be
consulted on decisions concerning the zone?
Consultation gives stakeholders a sense of ownership and
importance. It affirms the choice made as a collective decision and
not to change who Atiku has vetted and decided on as his running
mate. Attacking Governor Umahi and other south east leaders was
The sustained media attack on the person of the Governor by the
opposition to shore up hatred from few misguided Igbo sons and
daughters represents the peak of shamelessness. It is a pity that
this people did not see anything wrong with the utter disregard for
the Igbo race. And that’s because hatred maintains a stranglehold
on their common sense. But no matter how fast lies travels, it
must surely be overtaken by truth in due time. But make no
mistake. Nobody can make Governor Umahi a subject of ridicule.
No amount of lies can blight the governor’s shining resume.
Criminal distortion of facts has expiry date.
Governor Umahi stands as a towering fence against the
marginalisation of his people. In him is a grim determination to
shield his people from the forces that trivialise them. His strength
of character and values cannot be tainted. He saw the indicative
signals of exclusion lurking in future for the South East and cried
foul. Therefore any voice condemning him is the true enemy of the
South Easterners.

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