Are you being taken for granted in your relationship? (I)

You may be a really nice person and used to doing stuff for others but that doesn’t mean that anyone should take advantage of you, especially in your relationship.
The reason you are in the relationship is also so that your needs can be attended to so if you are busy taking care of everyone else, what of you?
It might not be clear when your partner is taking you for granted but these signs will tell.
1. He never says ‘thank you’
Being familiar with someone does not take away the need for common courtesy. If you notice that he never appreciates you with those two little words then it is a red flag.
2. He never gives you a treat
Even if he is broke and unemployed, that should be no excuse for never giving you a treat. Besides, treats don’t always have to involve cash. Somehow he is comfortable with receiving such from you but he never does it.
3. He turns away when you have a need
When you are going through an emotional wringer like a bad day, tough project or stress, he turns a blind eye but expects you to be there for him when he is going through same.
4. He is never sweet
I understand that it’s not everyone that’s romantic but that doesn’t mean he should treat you like you are just a friend. He should go out of his way to show you he cares, even in the most little ways.
5. He never goes out of his way for you
He might do stuff for you but only when it is convenient. Anything that takes him out of his way, he ignores.
Sit tight for the next set of signs. You might be shocked at some.

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