Are you being taken for granted in your relationship? (II)

In a previous post, we established how the fact that you are nice does not mean you should be taken for granted in a relationship. You have needs too and they should be met.
I should add that when someone takes you for granted it shows he/she has an attitude problem, even if he/she claims ignorance of the attitude so never condone it.
On that note, let’s get into the last 5 signs to watch out for.
6. He makes a nag out of you
This means that you keep complaining about a particular thing. It doesn’t mean you are a nag but you are forced to become one because you are not getting enough out of the relationship.
7. He doesn’t acknowledge you
It is like you are a fixture in his life. He barely seeks your opinion, he never compliments you and it’s like he looks over your head while you are there to serve at his pleasure.
8. You do all the chores alone
He does not help around in the house. It is either he makes up an excuse or he just disappears.
9. He doesn’t include you in his plans
He may plan a family vacation and not include you in it. Okay, it may not be that bad (LOL) but he could do things that come close.
10. He doesn’t tell you stuff
He may be up to something and you find out through a third party or social media. Thinking of my man doing that to me makes my blood boil!
Okay, if he fits into any of these, does that mean you should leave him? No. You two could always work it out. Communication and willingness to make it work are the keys.


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