Ask Questions So That You Would Not Be Asked Questions

Looking so tired with my boots dangling across my neck like chain
pendulum bulb. I manage to entered the compound and I never
even noticed that the atmosphere was tensed already. My thought
was to shower and go straight to bed, because it was looking as
though the day was not getting any younger.
All of a sudden I heard my mum said “thank God pastor is here”.
The lady she was talking to looked at me from head to toe as
though she was joking. She has every right to now, abi how many
pastors would be returning from a football training field at that
time of the day?
They had just gotten married and brother did not touch sister on
their first night together. Sister just thought it was a normal thing,
maybe they were both tired.
It’s getting to 3days now and brother is still not making any move
and sister is beginning to feel like is he shy ni or what.
It’s a week plus and now sister is beginning to feel like something
is happening abi is this Bros too spiritual to touch me ni??
Before she got married, she was one of those vibrant fellowship
sisters who were so conscious of their spiritual stand that
confirming the proposal of the brother took different stages of
confirmation, so there was no doubt that God said go ahead.
I was thinking she already had picture of how her first night would
look with her husband and now the brother is trying to form
It’s not looking as though she can continue like this and she told
her friend who asked her to sit the man down and asked him what
is wrong, at least he can’t be shy for 2 weeks.
She has done some romantic activities in the presence of the
brother but it was looking as though oga was not interested.
She wore skimpy nighty.
She undressed in his presence before bath and dressed in his
presence after bath.
All to no avail.
Following her friends advice, she sat the man down and they got
talking and one thing led to another and another and another and
finally he said “he can’t perform sexually”, that he is impotent.
While growing up, he had a sickness like that that affected so
many parts of his life and when he got healed, he discovered that
he can’t function like a man again.
The sister nearly ran mad.
One story led to another and another and it got to my mum who
was also amazed and said “let pastor come”. Few of my friends
know her that right from time she brings me into any issue that
has spiritual linkage for one reason or the other.
This story is not a fiction, it’s a real life story and as the time I
heard the story, I just got into predegree in FUTA.
The lady was at a cross road and her family said she should just
leave the man and pack out and that was what the majority of
people advised.
I am not married and if it had happened to my sister maybe I
would have said the same too.
It was a hot case and they both were victims.
How can you be in a relationship with a brother for 3 years and
you never know that he can’t make love?
Or how can you be in a relationship with a sister and you never told
her for once that see oo “I can’t do”.
And people were given different views and opinions but the ladies
families saw the brother to be a cheat and a liar, in short he was a
devil and he had come to destroy the life of their daughter.
But see what really happened.
They were both very vibrant in their fellowship and so kept a long
distance relationship.
1. They never visited each others house either guided or unguided.
2. Most of their conversations were on phone and it was strictly
3. They pray together in the fellowship where people could see
them and study together also where people could see them which
is very good and advisable.
4. The only time they went out together was for colleagues
weddings, in their 3years courtship they never went out together to
talk about issues.
5. They respected each other and had regards for each other that
phone discussion were mainly spirit filled issues.
And at the end of the day in 3 years of relationship they knew
nothing about each other. Even as at then I find it hard to believe.
It’s almost 8years ago now and I don’t know if a testimony has
happened or otherwise but I don’t know why I felt led to minister to
someone today.
Let’s read the scripture, Proverbs 14 vs 1.
Proverbs 14:1 says “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the
foolish plucketh it down with her hands”.
Just two words from these scripture and I will round off.
1. Buildeth: You don’t start to build a house the day you want to
live in it and so you don’t start to ask questions in marriage you
should have asked in courtship. If thou fail to ask question before
marriage, you will be asked in marriage.
Bishop Oyedepo said if you will get married in 27years time, then
you have 27 years to prepare for marriage.
And one of the greatest tools of preparation for marriage is asking
Little wonder when you see some marriage counsellors saying
marry your friend. This is because it assumed you know a lot
about the person.
When you don’t ask questions in courtship, it’s as though you are
preparing to marry a stranger and expect anything from a stranger.
It should not be about study the word and prayer every time, take
quality time out for critical observations of each other and ask
Asking questions makes you know each other the more and with
time there will be confidence to ask deeper question.
Don’t just know about his or her best food and colour. Ask if he
snores, so you won’t have a reason to stand up one day from the
room and go and sleep in the sitting room. lol
There is a level the relationship gets to, you will talk about deep
and secret things because you have asked to a point where you are
no longer shy of each other.
Jokingly or seriously you can ask “Bros are you a complete man”.
At this junction even most spiritual brother will brag that “ahh over
complete is worrying me”.
Don’t keep quiet and put yourself through unnecessary deliverance
when you can fight the battle in courtship.
2. Wise: For you to build correctly you have to build with wisdom,
and one vital application of wisdom is ASKING QUESTIONS.
Ask health related questions, career related, sports, fashion, money
and wealth management, family, number of children, priorities, and
many more as the spirit would be leading.
That’s wisdom..
You can pray for God to reveal who he or she is but please ask
Before he substitute your love for Arsenal, please ask question..
If you don’t ask before marriage, you will be asked in marriage.

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