Assembly workers shut down parliament after embarking on strike

Nationwide Meeting staff on the platform of Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) have made good their risk to embark on a four-day strike.

The employees, who’re demanding for the fee of arrears of 28 per cent enhance of their salaries since 2010, invaded the Nationwide Meeting advanced within the early hours of Monday, barricading all entrances into the advanced.

The employees have additionally reduce off important companies like energy and water provide; successfully crippling any type of exercise throughout the premises.

The aggrieved staff had, two weeks in the past, shut down the Nationwide Meeting, stopping lawmakers from sitting; blaming the administration of the Nationwide Meeting for his or her plight and insisting on the elimination of the Clerk of the Nationwide Meeting, Sani Omolori.

Though no official assertion from the administration was but obtained as on the time of submitting this report, the Clerk had clearly dropped the blame on the doorsteps of the Govt when he mentioned there had been no releases to implement the employees’ wage enhance captured within the 2018 funds.

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  5. Until the whole country goes on strike

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