Atiku to change Nigerian name to Wazobia-Odera Chukwuebuka

Inteligent report coming out from a very confidential source
revealed that Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidentidential candidate
has secretly told his aids that the only restructure he could enforce
if he wins the 2019 election is to use his lawful presidential veto
power to change the name of Nigeria into Republic of WAZOBIA.

According to our secret source, Atiku maintained that he observed
that the name Nigeria has been one of main sources of anger to
various agitators because they believe that the name depicts
continuous ownership of Nigeria by her colonial master. The
source also said that Atiku laughed over how Nigerians swallowed
his ‘restructuring’ mantra without even trying to know the content
of his restructure and how he could perform the ‘magic’. For him,
‘every type of promises and lies are allowed in Nigeria politics in
order to win a presidential election’.

He also stated that the Nigeria masses are ignorant to the fact that
in this era of democracy, a president does’t have any singular
power to restructure Nigeria the way people are yearning for,
rather it must pass through the senate and house of Assemby and
he definitely know that even if he tries to put forward any positive
restructure of Nigeria, it will be ‘dead on arrival’ in the house of
Assemble and Senate. He confided that he wouldn’t want to
provoke powerful people into distrupting his government, rather, he
will manage the ignorant masses by using ‘stick and carrot’
diplomatic system to hold them until the end of his tenure.

In order to be seen as to be keeping his campaign promises of restructuring Nigeria, he will only use his presidential veto to drive for the change of Nigeria name to WAZOBIA republic. For him, the joy and media publicity of the change of Nigeria name will intoxicate the
population for the first four years of his tenure.

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