Atiku will salvage Nigeria and jail looter-PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says its Presidential
candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is set to revamp our nation’s economy
through the creation of qualitative employment for the youths.
The party says its candidate will also implement the political and
economic restructuring of our nation in a manner that will engender
unity, inclusiveness in governance and upliftment in the general
standard of living for all our people.

PDP maintains that on election into office, its presidential
candidate will immediately commence the marketing of Nigeria to
the international business community, as well as providing a
clement environment for businesses to thrive in our nation.
Atiku will open a system-wide fight against corruption as soon as
he is elected into office by strengthening the institutions
empowered by our laws to do their jobs, while he concentrates on
the onerous duty of governance and rescuing our people from
hunger, starvation, bloodlettings and wanton killings.

The rebranded PDP assures that all those looting the national
treasury, including those now enjoying President Buhari’s official
cover, will definitely face the wrath of the law and go to jail,
because the Atiku Abubakar administration will not only fight
poverty but will also uncompromisingly fight corruption.
The party noted that a combination of Atiku Abubakar and his
running mate, Peter Obi, known internationally for their
forthrightness, hardwork, ingenuity and managerial competencies,
guarantees a prudent and result-oriented administration that will
liberate our nation from the economic shackles that President
Buhari’s wasteful, notoriously incompetent, and deceptive
administration has plunged us into.

Atiku Abubakar comes with the Nigerian resilient entrepreneurial
spirit to once again open up our economy, attract investments,
create jobs and unite our citizenry for a more productive nation.
Already, our candidate, as a successful entrepreneur, has
perfected an economic template that will reduce the cost of
governance, plug wastages, tackle corruption, free our national
resources currently being squandered by the Buhari administration
and channel them for the welfare of the people.

What Nigerians earnestly desire now is a resourceful President,
not an incompetent leader who lacks the capacity to run a
complex economy; who stays aloof and completely insensitive to
the plights of citizens, while providing official cover for his officials to fritter away trillions of naira from our beleaguered national treasury.

Our youths are earnestly seeking for an in-charge President, not
one who rules by proxy. They look forward to a President who will
give hope in the face of a consuming despair and one, whose
words resonate with their aspirations in life.
Nigerians seek a President who will not watch helplessly while
marauders and insurgents kill our brothers and sisters in their
numbers; whose only achievement is plunging our nation into
economic recession, collecting foreign loans and accumulating
debts with nothing to show.

PDP holds that President Buhari has failed on all fronts. He has
failed on the economy, on security and on the fight against
corruption. This 2019 election is therefore, a direct referendum on these failures and the determination of Nigerians to choose a new leader who will rescue our nation from the throes of hunger and

The 2019 election will never be about character assassination or
mouthing some worn-out sloganeerings about corruption but will
be about a demonstrable capacity to deliver on the mandate.
The Buhari Presidency by now knows that Nigerians are not buying
their smear campaign against Atiku Abubakar as Nigerians have
seen that all the Buhari Presidency had done in its almost four year
term is paying lip service to fighting corruption while its members
swim in an ocean of corruption.

Instead of this unnecessary fixation on our candidate, the PDP
challenges President Buhari to step out and give account of his
failed stewardship; how he ran down a once robust economy in a
space of three years; why he is running a corrupt administration;
why his administration failed to protect our slain compatriots and
how trillions of naira are stolen under the cover of his Presidency.

Finally, the PDP forewarns all looters in the Buhari Presidency,
including those involved in the alleged stealing of over N14 trillion
from several sleazy oil deals; the alleged undisclosed oil revenue
leading to the deadlock at the Federal Accounts Allocation
Committee (FAAC); alleged stealing of funds meant for Internally
Displaced Persons (IDPs) among other sleazes covered by the
Buhari Presidency, to get ready to vomit their loots and face the
law in no distant time.

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