ATM security tips


ATM security tips

ATM security tips


Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM

Don’t use an ATM machine located in a dark or obscure location.

Never give your card or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to anyone for any reason.

Be very conscious of persons hanging around the ATM machine. Don’t write your PIN on the card or anything that is kept with the card.

Do not insert your card until asked to so by the display screen.

Never use an ATM machine with a blank screen and if the ATM is obscured from view or poorly lit, leave immediately and look for another ATM machine.

Stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand as a shield in order to be sure nobody sees you keying your PIN.

Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM; you should also be wary of strangers asking for help. The elderly or physically challenged persons should take along with them trusted persons to assist them.

Criminals work in teams- one to distract you while the other steals your card and money.

If your card is detained (swallowed) by the ATM, it is advisable to contact your bank immediately.

It is advisable to set a daily ATM withdrawal limit on your account.

Sign up for SMS alert so that you are alerted whenever any withdrawal is made in your account.

What to do if a thief comes to an ATM machine

When a thief forces you to withdraw money from the ATM, do not argue or resist because you might not know what he/she might to do to you. What you should do is punch your PIN in reverse mode. For instance, if your PIN is 1234, punch 4321. The moment you do so, the money will come out but get stuck in the machine half way, thereby alerting the police without the thief’s knowledge. Every ATM machine has it because it is specially made to signify danger and help but unfortunately not everyone is aware of this.


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