Avoid holding sneeze in, it can damage your blood vessel

Tunji a handsome young guy had just had his morning dose of a packet of cigarette so he boarded the bus going from Ibadan to Lagos. Luckily for him his seat partner was a pretty girl, so he thought to use his Yoruba demon prowess to win his potential new catch. Everything was going on fine, dude had collected number. She was a final year Unilag student banking and finance.

Tunji was having a little cough and catarrh though, he thought it was embarrassing and lucky he hadn’t felt the urge through out the conversation until he felt like sneezing. First sneeze and he held it and instead ‘sneezed in’. The second sneeze, the same thing. At that second sneeze he heard a very loud sound like a thunder sound and immediately had a severe headache. Turns to his new catch and asks ‘Did you hear that sound? she replies ‘nope’. Tunji thinks it’s his imagination and journey continues.

The bus is in Lagos now, and Tunji all of a sudden is unconscious. They thought he was sleeping though, it was when everyone alighted and he didn’t, they raised alarm, rushed him to the nearest hospital, where he was referred. They quickly did a CT scan and discovered he had bleeding in his brain. A blood vessel had ruptured. He slipped in a coma days later and died on the fourth day.

Sneezes are very powerful, they could travel at a speed of 200 mph, that could rupture a blood vessel in your brain, perforate your ear drum or even cause air to be trapped in your chest between your lungs. Stop doing fine boy or fine girl, when you feel like sneezing, *SNEEZE OUT.* Turn the other way and sneeze out, don’t try to sneeze in, it’s dangerous.

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