Be a model to your son it will help him build a good home

Sometimes, You hear some men telling another man that he is a fool for helping his wife with chores and taking care of the children. Most of them are products of where they came from. They never
witnessed their fathers helping their mothers in the kitchen and so
they see it as a normal thing.
I will tell you something about my family.
If you come to my house in the morning and you see my dad
sweeping the compound, don’t be surprised. If you ask him where
my mom is, he will tell you she’s in the kitchen. He won’t want my
mom to finish cooking and now come to do those chores he can
do easily. Sometimes, he will wash the plates while my mom is
doing another thing. Most times, they would have finished
everything before I wake up and you know what my dad will say?
He will say when you are not around, we know how we normally
do it ourselves.
My dad didn’t know I am looking at him in that area and I am
learning how to treat my wife too from him. He never for once treat
my mom like a slave or a maid despite him close to 80yrs of age.
Sometimes when my mom is in the kitchen cooking and he is at
home doing nothing, you will be hearing them gisting, my mom
won’t feel like she’s doing it alone.
That’s why you can’t see me saying if my wife can’t do all the
chores, then why did I married her. Never will I never marry a
maid. Your wife is your partner, your other half and not a slave,
fathers take note because your sons are looking.
My dad never abuse or curse my mom or raise his hands to beat
my mom in his life and my dad always warn me against it. I am
not painting their marriage as the most perfect marriage in the
world because they do have little misunderstanding which is
normal in every relationship but before we their children know it,
they’ve settled it and are back to their factory settings. And that’s
why I can’t be mad at my woman for 24hrs let alone of one week. I never witnessed my parents not talking to themselves for 12hrs
before. Your son(s) is/are looking at how you are treating their mother,
how you are relating with their mother and they are unconsciously
learning the habit.
Be a good model to them, treat their mom like a queen in their
presence, show them their mom is your partner and not a slave or
maid. Once it can start from you to your sons, the number of
irresponsible and wicked men in the coming generations will
reduce drastically.

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