Be happy and proud of someone who cares about you, loves you and have your time

Some people don’t know how lucky and blessed they’re with their
partners. They take their love for granted. They’re not proud of
them at all. They see less value in their care and efforts. They
always stress them, they disappoint them and they enjoy making
them cry and plead. They make them regret why they fell in love
with them because of the hurting things they do to them. But I pity
those careless and heartless people. They don’t know that
someone is out there single and searching for someone like
they’re blessed with. They don’t know that what they take to be
worthless, someone out there takes it to be precious. They don’t
know that somebody is out there praying
to God every night and day to help them find someone like the one
they have. They don’t know that someone is out there ready to rub
their partners tears and to give them everlasting love.
My friends, if you got someone who truly adores you without any
measure, who cares about you, who is proud of you, who shares
the little he/she has got with you, who has fear of losing you, who
takes you to be precious, who likes to make you happy, who has
your time, who introduced you to his/her friends and family, who
is willing to marry you and make a happy home with you, who is
understanding, forgiving and patient with you, please keep that
person. Appreciate what they do for you and give them your
undying love. Don’t give them reasons to doubt you. Don’t allow
small arguments to tear you apart. In case they happen, resolve
them and push on with your partner. If you need to adjust in some
things so that your relationship stays on track, please do it. If it
needs to drop some habits like smoking, boozing, going out late
nights, and taking any illegal drugs please do it for the sake of your
relationship. If it needs you to limit yourself from some friends of
bad influence so as to keep your relationship on a straight road,
please do it. Do whatever it takes to make your relationship work.
The onus is on you not anyone else. So play your part well and
you’ll live in a happy and healthy relationship. Lastly but not the
least, always include God in your relationship and He’ll protect it,
shape it and make it last forever.

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