Bearing the blows of life

Life can get overwhelming and very difficult to deal with and I cannot say that everything is fine and everything you touch will turn into gold. There are times that you feel like you can’t continue living or that the burdens are too much to bear and you might feel like you want to end it all.
Life is hard, there is no doubt about that and everyone is dealing with her own problems and perhaps that is the scariest part of living. But then again, as much as the hard times try to convince you that you are alone, you are never alone. There are people who are dealing with similar issues but that doesn’t make it insignificant.
You are not alone, and even though life gets tough, there is hope that it will get better and you will be able to solve some problems. Sometimes, we think others around us are living perfect lives but perhaps they are hiding their worries as well as we are. And that’s why it’s okay to check up on one another.
But when you feel life’s getting overwhelming, it is okay to take time and try to navigate things on your own.


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  6. The world and life is a battle field and whoever is in the out sketch of it must be receiving more bullets。

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