Biafra september 14th sit at home declaration

My intent here is not to employ the usage of derogatory or abusive
language against anyone but nonetheless, the bitter truth must be
told. I have been watching with keen interest from last week,
reactions following the pronouncement by the leadership of the
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), of the impending General Strike
Action/Total Lockdown of both public and private businesses
across the entire Biafraland and elsewhere slated for Friday 14th
September 2018, to reflectively remember dead Biafrans amongst
Strictly speaking, the upcoming event is steadily booting and
rattling the very foundation of the evil empire called Nigeria.
Government representatives in their desperation are currently
scampering for safety due to inevitable revenue losses that will be
incurred and the upcoming paralytic businesses.
Reported cases of warnings from State Governments against the
strike action is not only evil and disgusting but callously
undemocratic. The Nigerian Police and other Para-military
agencies were said to have started dishing out warnings to counter
the declaration of the IPOB. To my greatest dismay, I have not
heard of any supportive Press Release from any of the oppressed
ethnic groups in Nigeria. Those who had in one way or the other,
experienced some measures of ethnic-inclined cleansing, were
expectedly meant to have positively lend their voices. Their dead
silence is an attestation of the fact that they are untouched by the
senseless and provocative killings of innocent, armless, loved ones
the Nigerian Security Forces have relentlessly mowed down via the
terrorist activities of their aided agents . They seem to have been
cowed by the intimidation antics of the enemies.
It is these same ethnic nationalities whose lands have been
soaked with the blood of their innocents, whose homes have been
razed down, farmlands wantonly destroyed and communities
ravaged and taken over, that are yet shamelessly in want of
courage to speak out. Who then will stand in to raise his/her voice
for the fallen heroes/heroines? Who will awake the slumberer?
Who will free the captives from the mighty? Who will uplift the
Do not be cowed into submission. Be bold and courageous enough
to confront the tyrant and his surrogates. Your enemies must not
be allowed to determine your future and destiny. You must not
allow supposed servants whom you empowered to render services
to become your eternal oppressors.
Adamawa, Benue, Kaduna, Plateau States people etcetera, should
for once employ their senses and act wisely. These near
decimated group of ethnic nationalities should exhibit their anger
by joining forces with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
globally come Friday 14th September 2018, to pointedly state their
collective displeasures over and against the oppressive
antecedents of the Nigerian State. Call to mind, the gruesome/
untimely deaths of your loved ones and accord them the deserved
respect. They died that you may live.
It is not about IPOB.
It is not about Biafra.
It is about your redemption and emancipation as a people.
Therefore, arise and take hold of your destiny otherwise, you will be
overran and left with nothing to call yours. Your dead silence is
tantamount to unrinating on the graves of the slain who were
gruesomely murdered by the vampiric government of a terrorist-in-
chief called Muhammadu Buhari.
Your bluff with the 14th of September 2018 General Strike in
honor/mourning of the dead is an affront to the conscience of sane
mortals that has irredeemable consequences not only to you as an
individual but to your upcoming generations.
A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. Sit at home on the 14th of
September 2018. It is a veritable tool of democratically expressing
your displeasure against government’s policies. It is not a call for
street protest.
It is a call to save lives. It is a call for liberation. It is a call for
dignity. Never you allow subservience of any sort to your enemies
but rather submit to your will by obeying the call for a general and
total strike on the 14th. This is very important.

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