Biafra will gain their freedom only if Niger delta is carved out of Biafra-FG

According facts emerging from a secret meeting held with Buhari
and some Northern leaders early this month, he told the Northern
leaders that there’s a serious pressure on him, to obey the UN
Charter on self determination, and release Nnamdi Kanu
unconditionally, and that he should stop violating his fundamental
human rights alongside rights of other Biafra agitators held in
different Nigerian jails, by also releasing them unconditionally, as
well as allow for a UN monitored referendum to test if the people
of Biafra wish to continue with Nigeria or not.
He also told them that international community said that they have
enough evidence that him (Buhari) and his government is violating
the fundamental human rights of Biafrans by using brutal force on
Biafrans during peaceful protests and rallies.
He also told the Northern leaders that if nothing is done right now,
that one day, the North will wake up and lose all the assets of
Nigeria to Biafra, that there may soon be a UN statement on issue
of Biafra and the violation of their fundamental human rights,
which may result to a call for Biafra referendum.
According to the source, that after their deliberations, Buhari told
the Northern leaders that he will only allow Biafra to go on one
condition, and that the condition according to him, is that the oil
producing area of Niger Delta will be carved out and allowed to
remain in Nigeria. Then, only the Igbo speaking states of South
East will be allowed to go as Biafra.
Also, that all the national assets such as refineries, sea ports,
airports, telecomm, etc, belonging to federal government,
especially those located within the Biafran territory, must be
completely sold off before the referendum will be allow to take
So, before the Biafra referendum will come, expect that all the
critical assets of federal government within the Biafra territory are
going to be sold off. This is the latest plan of Buhari. One wonders
if this was indeed one of the plans that led to negotiations to sell
off some FG assets, perhaps only those located in Biafran region
of the country.
From this information, it is crystal clear that the only thing binding
the leadership of the North to one Nigeria is the oil in the Niger
Delta region. So, this close discussion will open a lot issues about
what Nnamdi Kanu and many Biafrans have said all along that oil
is the issue and not the interest of the people of Biafran region.
Now, the ball will be on the court of UN and international
community to determine who wants to go or join the rest of Biafra
by asking the will of the people of Biafran region to be fully
Another thing is that once these are done, subsequent negotiations
will begin to take place and a lot more will be at stake for both
parties. But if this report is really authentic as we could tell from
the source of the information, then Nigeria is finally breaking up
and Biafra will be a free republic of her own.
History will be made for generations to come. It is not going to be
an easy task but a tedious one that will break hearts and
pyschology of many on both sides of the divide. But a new chapter
would be opened for two new countries that would thrive along side
each other as neighbours and hopefully peaceful without rancour
and strife.

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