Biafrans are fighting for what is good for them–Catholic Clergy Bishop Matthew Kukah

Anyone who thinks the Biafra agitation is a nuisance and irritating
should know that it is not the collective aspiration of all Igbos but
especially that no one has the monopoly of nusinace. Nuisance
begets nuisance. When you stay with potash loaders you too will
share in their dusty hair. It is in this country that the same
standards are not held against all. Some can get away with
anything but others cannot get away with something. I shudder at
those who blame the agitators for agitating. Everyone knows what
is good for them. If you don’t know what is good for you then shut
up and don’t obstruct those who know what is good for them. If I
have my way I will cease to be a Nigerian because there is no
sense of nationhood. Those who have leverage over others use it
to oppress them. Otherwise how can you explain the audacious
impunity of a certain section of this country. They can intimidate
everybody even a sitting president and get away with it. When GEJ
was president he was literally harassed by this same people until
they sent him packing and we thought they will be appeased. But a
las we were mistaken!
Now how do I love a country where a murderous terrorist group
like the herdsmen acclaimed even internationally as deadly is
being openly defended by a govt. that wants my loyalty. Do you
know as I make this comment, a first class Chief of Bokkos LGA in
plateau state was murdered by a certain group of Fulanis almost a
year now and no one has been arrested not to talk of prosecution;
there are many villagers in my parish who cannot go to farm again
except to farm their backyard because their farms have been
forcefully annexed by their Fulani murderers; that in Bokkos a wife
and a daughter can be taken away right before her husband or
father and be repeatedly raped then released at the convenience of
the barbaric Fulani tribesmen and no one dares talk; police will
advise you to go and settle the matter through dialogue? I want
independence from a country where terrorists are embraced and
agitators are terrorized.
At the slightest excitement Hausa or Fulani man can kill you and
get away with it; it has happened and continues to happen but
when you gear up to defend yourself because security will not,
then you are caught by the same security who will lecture you on
how to be peaceful and law abiding. This country will end unless
there is justice for all. Rubbish! I hate the lie that Nigeria is. Let’s
say the truth and die but it is what will set us free. Nigeria is
negotiable to me the oppressed even if it’s not to the oppressor
and that is normal.

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