Billboard taking over development in Enugu-Odoh Ugochukwu.

When I remember the adage that says that potent native doctors require no billboards, I begin to question the rationale behind the mindless erection billboards at every strategic location in the state
by the state government of Enugu. Sizable arable lands have been lost to this ugly trend in the state. Kiosks, stalls and other structures had to be demolished to pave way for these gigantic billboards. I have reiterated that the iron and steels expended on these funny, deceitful and blasphemous projects are enough to complete the ever ongoing Nsukka Catholic cathedral project. In one of the billboards, the governor was placed side by side with the image of Jesus Christ. Whether the governor was depicted to be ascending in to heaven, only the initiators have the explanations. This is disgustingly blasphemous and outrageous. Had it been the law of Moses is still being practiced in full force, nothing will stop all the initiators from being stoned to death. It’s in the scripture that the prayers of a sinner is a mere noise before the ears of the Lord.

For enthroning nepotism, thuggery and favoritism, the governor has sinned and thus come short of the glory of God. Instead of showcasing the governor’s landmark projects on the billboards, we are being inundated with another round of promises and ghost achievements. These are the only thing they can boast of in four years because there’s no project to celebrate. They’re talking about Enugu being
a peaceful state as if the state was a theatre of war when they formed government. On the contrary, he has brought back thuggery which Sullivan had abolished before he came. Thuggery has been rejuvenated and the opposition being hunted and hounded like wild animals. They said the government made a judicious application of funds, they said he’s God fearing, pays salaries regularly, has empathy and humility etc. These are brazen lies meant to hoodwink and bamboozle the masses.

With the avalanche of abandoned projects by the state government, how were the scarce state funds judiciously applied? The prompt salary payment that are as a result of bail out funds obtained every now and then? The state government awarded and flagged off the construction of a 20 kilometer road in Igbo Eze North, only for the project to be abandoned after just a kilometer was shabbily done. Enugu state has been enjoying relative peace till the coming of the incumbent
government. Fulani herdsmen have been having a field day since the inception of this government. Now that thuggery has been brought back, we are to sleep with an eye opened henceforth. The so called humility is false humility, laced in grand deception, all designed to conceal his crass incompetence and further tighten his grip on the electorates.

He’s busy sharing the lean state resources among his cronies. The governor is simply an emperor masquerading as a humble man. He’s our modern day Robbin Hood, who’s corrupting the people from the common till, with their own heritage. The outcome of the recently held PDP house of reps primaries portrayed and exposed the deceitful tendencies of the state government. I hereby plead with the state government to stop making caricature of the Christian faith by involving Jesus Christ in their mindless politicking. Our Jesus doesn’t hang on high tension cables neither do He endorse political office holders with questionable characters.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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