Write-ups & true life



A work of fiction.
Lucy had a semester left to finish medical school but for the ASUU
strike that brought her home.
She was hopeful the strike will last only a short while, so she had
with her a little hand-luggage-box.
There were usually okada men by the junction leading to her home
but today, as if by some hallowed intervention, none was in sight.
Lucy pulled her box on the badly tarred road, which made
deafening noises as she walked.
It was early in the morning, she had taken the night bus back home
and was sleep deprived. As she got to the corner of sesame street,
there was a mob.
Unlike her, who would walk away from protests or any mob-like
gathering, she found herself tearing her path amongst people to
have a better view of what was going on.
All she saw was a girl – mid teens, with a tyre around her neck
about to be set on fire.
She asked Iya Steven the moi moi seller what was going on.
“This girl na witch o. Her madam carry her come from village and
she wan kill am.” Iya Steven explained.
“I don’t understand, how do you mean she wanted to kill her?”
“She de press am for night de suck her blood o” Iya Steven said as
she made snapping sounds by brushing her thumb and her middle
fingers together on both hands.
Upon hearing this, Lucy left her box on the ground and made her
way to the front where the girl was about to be lynched. It was very
easy for her as she was petite herself.
“To kill her, you have to kill me first” Lucy announced as she threw
herself on the little girl to prevent them from pouring the petrol on
the her.
It was from her size that she got the alias “karamar likita”
meaning: small doctor.
She was popular around the area and made a lot of trouble when
she was younger, so most of the touts knew her well.
********Soon enough people started to disperse.
Mummy Kefas is Oluchi’s aunt. She brought her from the village to
help her stay in her shop, while she goes to the government
secondary school, where she works as an integrated science
The night before however, Oluchi tried to suck her aunt’s blood
being a witch; mummy Kefas explained to Lucy, and a few other
people that still hung around.
“Tell me, how did you feel? Did you wake up and couldn’t move
your body? Felt like someone was choking you? You couldn’t
breathe and could not move a muscle?”
“Exactly, I told you she is a witch” mummy Kefas said.
“What other things did she do to make you think she is a witch?”
“If I send her anywhere, she will stay o until I send somebody to
look for her. And she has so many little boys following her
upandan, she will not concentrate and sell my market for me o,
she will be playing with those stupid boys.”
“Mummy Kefas, in medicine there is something called ‘sleep
’, it happens to a lot of people at different stages in their
lives. All the symptoms I mentioned which you agreed to are
symptoms of sleep paralysis. So Oluchi did not try to suck your
blood last night. You had sleep paralysis” Lucy explained.
“Ehen??” Mummy Kefas was shocked.
“Yes. And as for her playing with boys, it comes with her age. She
is just getting to discover herself truly. I am not saying not to
caution her but she is not a witch.”
Lucy went on to explain that the causes may be due to lack of
sleep, change in sleeping schedule, sleeping on the back, sleep
problems like narcolepsy or nighttime leg cramps.
“So you mean say witch no de for real life?” Iya Steven asked
“No, I am in no position to tell you what to believe but for this case
today, it was sleep paralysis.”
Oluchi, with a mixture of blood and sand plastered all over her
body and tears that had a stinking effect on her fresh wounds ran
towards Lucy, threw her arms around her….
Aunty thank you, they almost killed me and I swear I didn’t do
anything” Oluchi said still holding unto Lucy.
“I know my dear, I know!”

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