Boko Haram attacked Borno, Imam and his family

Members of the Islamist Terror group, Boko Haram numbering
over 200 attacked some villages near Maiduguri, Borno state and
killed no fewer than 15 persons.
The terrorists attacked Kofi , Abba Malumti, Gozari, and Dalori II
Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, all in Konduga local
government area of the state.
The terrorists who had stormed Kofi, had, according to villagers
who had fled during the attack, met the Islamic cleric and some
members of his family who did not flee before their arrival and set
them ablaze.
The terrorists, who, according to reports, overpowered security
personnel with firepower, also attacked Dalori II IDP camp and
killed eight persons.
Also attacking Malumti village, the terrorists killed two persons and
set many properties, including animals ablaze.

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