As much as I see nothing heroic about this little girl’s action, I think it’s wrong to compare her to Fridaus Amasa.
Some people think those who cheer this little girl for disobeying the evil bokoharam but condemned Fridaus for insisting on using her hijab during last year’s call to bar even when the law says NO, are not being fair in judgement.

This is no double standard because you shouldn’t be comparing disrespect for a constituted authority to disrespect for terrorists.
This girl is more of a brave girl than Fridaus is. Fridaus is just a fanatic( not just judging by her action during call to bar but testimonies of people who knew her in school.)
The only way to criticize her and be justified is by saying she should have compromised just for her freedom. When she gets away from them, she is still a Christian.
Those of you who think she is a hero won’t do this. Even your pastors will convert even before they are asked.

They will come back and lie to you that they refused to accept Islam then an Angel came to set them free while you sing and clap to the lies.
Nobody wan die but everybody wan go heaven.

For me, she should have compromised just for her freedom than going through hell right now. That girl will be helplessly raped because she will be seen as a war booty, impregnated and set up as a suicide bomber.

Stop the delusion , No deity is going to save her there except the government negotiates for her release or the soldiers fight.
Whatever the case, this hurts. I feel so sorry for her and her family. This is sad.
You can bring forth your hogwash preaching and sentimentsl Quran for me?

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