Borrowing is not the way out ,but true leadership-Tambuwal

His Excellency Aminu Tambuwal , a front line Presidential aspirant
in Peoples Democratic Party has called for a new direction that will
help the Nation resolve her numerous problems which are mostly
centred on Leadership.
According to the one time National Public Secretary NBA and a
member NBA Constitutional Review Committee who is presently in
Ebonyi State to meet with PDP stakeholders and delegates while
seeking for their support for PDP Presidential ticket , stated that
the country is heading down economically and is in dire need of a
new type of leadership to navigate the country .
According to him , “We are almost sliding into another recession ,
the economy is not working and they have inculcated borrowing as
the only way out ” he said .
The Sokoto born Lawyer and former Speaker of the Federal House
of Representatives went on to state that Nigeria requires new type
of leadership to be able to reverse the trend . Hear him :
” All we require to reverse this trend is a leadership that listens and
is able to bring the best team together, irrespective of tribe ,
religion or gender ” . He said .
The Sokoto State Governor who many see as an ideal President in
time like this especially now that our country is so divided ,will
continue with his consultations with delegates across the country
towards picking PDP Presidential ticket for 2019 election.

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