There was a solid pushback from the Presidency on previous Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s affirmation that President Muhammadu Buhari was prohibited from entering the United States, with the president distinctly taunting the previous VP for being not able to visit America for over 10 years. In a press articulation issued in the previous evening in Abuja, the exceptional counselor to the president on media, Mr. Femi Adesina, said Atiku’s claim was abnormal and came as an amazement from a previous Number Two subject, who should know reality. Atiku had asserted in a meeting that Buhari was restricted from the U.S. on account of reservations about his religious perspectives. “For around 15 years, Buhari couldn’t enter America by virtue of religious contemplations,” Atiku said in a meeting. The previous VP was reacting to an inquiry on why he had not gone by the U.S. for a long time, in the midst of theories that he may be needed in that nation regarding misrepresentation related arrangements. However, Atiku had clarified that he influenced endeavors to go to the U.S. however, was not issued visa on regulatory grounds, Adesina suggested he was simply lying to hide reality. The president’s representative said in the announcement, “At no time was President Buhari, as a private individual, at any point prohibited from entering any nation on the planet. Or maybe, whatever remains of the world has constantly held Muhammadu Buhari as a man of sterling qualities, solid on trustworthiness, straightforwardness and responsibility. A similar declaration is still borne of the Nigerian President by numerous world pioneers today.” Adesina stated, “It is interested that previous Vice President Abubakar had been inquired as to why he had not gone to America for over 10 years, something that had been a resolved truth dogging his strides. “He said as opposed to noting specifically, Atiku made one wonder, saying Buhari likewise had been refused from entering a similar nation for a long time, before getting to be president. “We thus make it resoundingly obvious that what the previous VP said just exists in the domain of his creative ability. On the off chance that he has issues to settle with American experts, he ought to do as such, instead of grasp at a straw,” the announcement included. The previous VP, who has articulated his expectation to strive for the post of president in 2019, surrendered from the decision All Progressives Congress as of late and is preparing to come back to his previous gathering, Peoples Democratic Party. His exit is accepted to have set off a faceoff with Buhari, who has additionally alluded to looking for a moment term, with spats like the most recent one as a component of the signs of the stewing confusion. Atiku’s concern with the US started when a US Congressman Williams Jefferson was arraigned and imprisoned in 2009 on a 16-tally charge identifying with his business dealings with Africa including a disclosure of $90,000 in trade reserved out his cooler supposedly for the previous VP. Despite the fact that Atiku has denied any association with the affirmed false exchange, the US has not recorded any charge against him. The previous VP has, be that as it may, not ventured his foot on US soil since the issue broke out. Then again, Buhari has for some time been blamed for holding extraordinary religious perspectives, and the charges appeared to get to a head in 2001, when he pronounced his responsibility regarding the Islamic precept of Shari’a and, purportedly, approached Muslims to vote in favor of their kindred Muslims amid decisions.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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