Buhari and Osinbajo are clueless-Baron Roy

The federal government is unable to fund the 2018 Budget so they
have resorted to selling assets. This was the same thing they
fought the PDP over for years, calling them unprintable names and
all. They are in power now, and bereft of the minutest idea on
This government has no idea of what to do. Calling them clueless
is an insult to clueless itself; the total sum of brain power in this
regime is less than that of a small chicken.

In fairness to the PDP Administrations, they attempted to look at
the economy and governance structures of Nigeria. They did see
that it was less than suboptimal and actually knew what to do. The
GEJ administration was the closest to altruism; he even tried to do
away with the petroleum subsidies and wanted to decentralize a lot
of things. Of course, he was hampered by the Constitution and the
iridescence of the Mohammedans from the Sahel. The other
administrations were seduced by the apparent lucre and the
inordinate powers conferred on them by an illegal Constitution.

We had noticed the weakness of the economy despite the boom
times of the last administration. We had since told all that would
listen that resource ownership by government is no way to fund a
country but by taxes encouraged by productivity. Productivity is
enhanced by creating an enabling environment and business/
people oriented regulations. For that to happen, the Constitution
would have to be overhauled to make the polity nimble and
responsive. And that is exactly what those Neanderthals do not
want! Yes, they’re selling off assets secretly to fund a consumptive
budget; never mind development. When that’s all gone, they start
selling us, I suppose.

It is a very humiliating phenomenon where a country does not
reject a Constitution that keeps its best brains away from
Throw out that Constitution, let’s have the regional governments,
let each determine its future and development and compulsorily
contribute 25% of her earnings. Devolve power and free the courts
to do their thing. Encourage everyone to be productive….and tax
us all. The economy would soar!

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