Buhari has been in power for 50 years, what has he contributed so far—Omole O Hardy

Did Buhari not tell Nigerians during his campaign for 2015
presidential election that he was coming to fix the problems he
identified? He has been in power for 50 years what problem did he
fix. He was:
1. The the first nnpc chairman when Jonathan was in primary
2. He was governor of North Eastern State, comprising of about 10
states bigger and more populated than Ghana.
3. He was a member of Supreme military council(SMC) of Gen.
Gowon’s government with both executive and legislative(Senate
and house of representatives combined)powers.
4. He was a member of Gen. Murtala Mohammed SMC
5. He was a member of Gen. Obasanjo’s SMC.
6. He was president in the 80s with both executive and legislative
7. He was a minister of petroleum twice, and once without a boss
and no supervision.
8. He was a general commanding officer(GOC).
9. Buhari was ptf chairman(he love money, he love oil) under
Abacha, Nigeria’s most corrupt president, and his hero.
10. He is president of Nigeria twice.
To you the problem is not Buhari’s error, others are to blame.
Thank God he ruled Nigeria again. If he had not ruled, you and
other Buhari worshippers like you would have said Buhari would
have made Nigeria be London.
Buhari was indicted for stealing N25b ptf money by upright Dr
Haroun Adamu panel on ptf. TRUE OR FALSE?
Because in the spirit of esprit de corps he was not prosecuted does
not make him innocent.


  1. Of course he achieved nothing

  2. Good update

  3. Ask him o

  4. It is uncountable to human thought

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