Can a state terrorize her people? The answer is A yes.
In a polarized society like ours, it’s very easy for the state to
sponsor terrorist against a particular set of people just so they’d
silence the loud voice from such a people.
The Nigerian state under Mohammadu Buhari the man who never
takes responsibility for his actions and inactions, has witnessed an
avalanche of state sponsored terrorism.
I would cast you mind back to an even in Adamawa state last year
when the people of Adamawa refused to bow to the unneeded
pressure from the favorite people of the President (Herdsmen) by
picking up arms to defend themselves, rather than the government
to quash the attack on innocent civilians by his kinsmen, the
government rather provided security for the herdsmen and even
aided the herdsmen to bombing the entire village. After helping
them to kill innocent citizens, the VP visited the area for peace
Same last year, when innocent IPOB men were killed for constantly
demanding for their freedom if Nigeria can’t be made a country for
all, rather than call these guys for negotiation, the government
used the instrumentality of the state to kill and quash the agitation.
Same last year in SK when civilians was killed by these group of
herdsmen, the state through Kaduna state government paid
compensation to these herdsmen and even provided protection for
these men.
Benue state happens to be one of the state championing the Anti
grazing law. In order to force them to accept the supremacy of the
FHM, the state also provides protection for these herdsmen. These
guys attack wearing Military outfits and having sophisticated
Sometimes in 2015/6, I read a research where the Nigerian army
was indicated of having some of it’s members who are Fulanis
being sympathetic to the onslaught by these blood sucking
herdsmen. The report claimed that before any onslaught is carried
out that both the Police and all security outfits are preinformed,
hence they would stand down on the day of the attack.
A preliminary report by the Southern Kaduna people had it that
military personnel who are stationed in their areas around last
year would provide maximum security to herdsmen whenever they
are attacking the civilians.
All these played itself out today in Benue state as some civilians
were killed by the Nigerian military for protesting the massacre of
their people by the state sponsored terrorist.
This is a very troubling situation for our country that they people
whom we provide our resources to give us a better nation are
using our resources against us.
This a clear case of State sponsored terrorism. We must speak up
irrespective of our political affiliation and interest. Evil is evil,
because it didn’t happen to us doesn’t make is a pleasurable evil.
Notwithstanding, 2019 is by the corner, whatever it would take
except blood shed to take out this government, let’s collectively do
This government has failed the citizens.
Buhari has failed the City.



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