Buhari has turn Nigerian police force into Dangote private business-Maazi Ivan Okpegbuorie

Something has bothered me. Policemen riding in Dangote vehicles.
I saw them in Owerri. They are all over Lagos. They are
everywhere in Abuja. They are all over Kano.
How can we let a man sponsor the police?
I have thought about it. Yes the police are poorly funded. And they
have no functional vehicles. So can’t we just let those who have
money donate money and cars to the police?
Well, that makes sense.
But what about stretching it further. So we let one man build and
brand Judiciary courts. And we let another build and brand
Nigerian prisons and we let another buy dresses for the DSS and
leave his company’s logo on them.
The police service is not the Red Cross or Boys’ Brigade. It is the
soul of the state. How can the police that ride in Dangote’s
vehicles contain Aliko Dangote and his company?
The very idea of private sponsorship of the police corrupts the
understanding of the average policeman. If the police can accept
cars from Dangote, then a DPO can accept a cash gift from an
Alaba trader to fuel them.
Where then shall we stop?
Certain things should be preserved. The criminal justice system
must be protected from genuine and dubious philanthropy. They
damage public faith in the neutrality and professionalism of those
Dangote can donate cars and machines to hospitals. There are a
million avenues to dispose trillions of dollars of charity in this
Imagine Bill Gates funding the FBI.
If Dangote is bothered about security then he can strike a deal with
the government. He can fund the teaching hospitals and ask the
government to give the money due teaching hospitals to the police.
What else do you want me to say?
The Dangote inscriptions on Police vehicles that litter this country
makes her a Banana Republic. No, a pawpaw Republic. Why must
his name be inscribed on them?
Imagine rushing into a police station to report a case against
Dangote. And the only vehicle available for the arrest is a brand
new Police Chinese car with the name of Dangote written all over
Who knows? Tomorrow it could be the turn of the Army. And you
will see names of individual businessmen on their battle tanks.
How did Nigeria get to this sorry state. How hasn’t this ridiculous
picture pricked the government?

Do you support calls for President Buhari resignation?
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