Buhari is a big failure, need not to be re-elected-Obasanjo

Former Nigeria’s President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday
bemoaned recent poverty index which ranked Nigeria as “world
capital of poverty”, saying the country doesn’t deserve it.
Obasanjo wondered why Nigeria with about 180 million population
would be ranked above India which has 1.3billion population
According to a statement by his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi,
Obasanjo spoke when Lagos State executive members of the
African Democratic Congress paid him a visit.
“As you rightly said, this is the hard time economically for all. It is
for all of us, except the very few. Is this what you (Nigerians) want
to have for another four years?
“PDP cannot do it alone, ADC cannot do it alone. It must be
collective efforts to get the right leadership for the country.
Recently, the country was ranked as the most poorest country in
the world.
“India is with population of 1.3billiom and Nigeria is about
180million. Yet, we still have the poorest citizens in the world.
Nigeria doesn’t deserve this and this is the honest truth,” Obasanjo
Speaking on women participation in politics, Obasanjo reiterated
the need to give more space to women in the both elective and
appointed seats

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