Buhari is a failure – Donald Duke

Former Cross River State Governor, Donald Duke, has described
President Muhammadu Buhari as a failed leader.
He said the Buhari-led regime was a government of many failings,
disconnected from reality.
Duke, who has declared his intention to contest the Presidency,
said the Buhari administration was not ready for leadership and
that was why it took the President nearly six months to appoint
The presidential aspirant said this during an interview with DW
When asked why he thought he would be a better President than
Buhari, he said, “Because I see such obvious failings. I see a
leadership that is steeped in the past; that has refused to evolve
with a nation that is predominantly a nation of young aspiring
people and still doing things the way they were done many years
ago and did not work.
“I think our leadership in the country today is totally out of tune
with the current reality of our nation. There is disconnect
somewhere so when you have a leadership that blames its young
people for instance of not striving enough or of being lazy, there is
a disconnect because the tools to make them achieve their
aspiration have not been provided.”
He said the health sector was in crisis adding, “The President,
himself, receives treatment abroad. That is a sad state of affairs.”
When asked to state Buhari’s worst problem, he said, “They were
not prepared for leadership. For example, it took six months to set
up a cabinet. Where do you hear such? President Buhari came into
office to fight corruption and insecurity.
“Let us look at the scorecard. Corruption is not dead. Prosecuting
corruption is addressing the symptom and not the problem. The
real problem is you have got to create jobs for people; you have
got to strengthen institutions that make it almost impossible to
engage in such an activity.”
Duke also faulted the government’s claim that Boko Haram had
been defeated.

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