Buhari is seriously and secretly RELOOTING Abacha’s LOOT.

Buhari is seriously and secretly RELOOTING Abacha’s LOOT.
If the Swiss Ambassador had not said that his Government has
since returnd back the Abacha’s LOOT, to the Nigerian Government
, which the minister of finance, Dr Kemi Adeosun, refuted, that
money would have been missing by now.

A whooping sum of over 320 million US Dollars, was since 18th of
Dec. paid to the Nigerian Government, through the CBN, according
to the documents.

But it’s quite surprising and incredible that the minister of finance,
who is suppose to be in charge of the finances or financial
transactions and dealings by the Government, is not even aware of
such information, that she could go on air to publicly expose such

This actually, calls for concern by well meaning Nigerians.
Buhari is busy LOOTING dry our TREASURY while his PRAISE
SINGERS are busy laundering his tainted image and integrity.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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