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Buhari is the most useless President that ever happens to that great country Nigeria- Yoweri Moseveni

A leader should not expose his citizens, Nigeria is a great and an
outstanding country in Africa because of the youth of that
country…. our people have an Africanized social life all over Africa
is because Nigerian youth put their full hardworking efforts look at
the movie industry and most outstanding the music industry….

Buhari can never outgrow the slave and master mentality, He
keeps talking bad about his people any time he makes a trip.
Britain is there to exploit and steal just what they are known for.

He seizes to understand that Britain created that country and gave
it all the flaws that will never make it grow beyond a limit.

Nigerians will vote him out it is obvious there is nothing Britain can do about it… If he Tries to annul or rig the election he will face awide loss of legitimacy Nigerians are patiently waiting to send him back to retirement:

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  1. I’m tired if burhari

  2. ahh

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