Buhari might not be all that corrupt as we thought

Someone may be wondering & ask; why is Buhari and Archbishop
of Canterbury always hanging out whenever he, Buhari goes to
London? Well, I will attempt to answer that question. Don’t panic, it
is not an Islamization or Christianisation agenda.
President Muhammed Buhari and Archbishop Justin Welby have
some things in common.
The duo first came in contact in late 70s when Buhari was Minister
of Petroleum and Justin Welby was Financial Executive Director in
the petroleum industry, for the French corporation Elf Aquitaine in
charge of West African region. Obviously, he was based in Nigeria.
While Buhari was running the oil sector for Nigeria, Welby was
running for France. Both men were in charge of the oil sectors that
was worth billions upon billions of Dollars. Imagine being in control
of oil sector controlling billions of dollars in the 70s.
Buhari & Welby could have enriched themselves beyond
imagination and be among the world celebrated richest men of
But, No! Not Buhari or Welby. Both were contented with what they
have and were not ready to abuse the privileges given to them.
While Buhari left public service to become a small cattle farmer in
his village. The Archbishop on the other hand left public service to
become an ordinary Priest no portfolio.
Both have no oil well, no trace of corruption to them, no personal
oil company & no personal businesses.
You see this life? It is all about choices. You can choose to work in
the most lucrative & tempting jobs of this world, yet resist the
temptation of taking what does Not belongs to you.
You can choose to serve and retire home with a clean hand &
conscience. Then God who sees the good deeds done in secret will
reward you openly.
Today! Justin Welby is the President of Anglican communion world
wide, while Buhari on the other hand is the President of the most
populous black nation on earth.
When the former British Prime Minister was quick to call Nigerians
“fantastically corrupt” Archbishop Welby was on ground to quickly
rebuke David Cameron. “This particular President is not corrupt”.
His words.


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