Buhari second term will be more bloody and suicidal-Islamic cleric Ahmed Gumi

A fiery Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has revealed how he
warned President Muhammadu Buhari against taking over
governance from the immediate past President Goodluck
Gumi said he told Buhari that he was coming to make things worse
for Nigerians due to the situation on ground when he won the
election and if re-elected into office come 2019 that he will destroy
The cleric said his criticism of the President was done in the
interest of all Nigerians.
Speaking with Newsmen, Gumi noted that things were worse now
under the Buhari administration than it was during the past
According to him, “Our criticism of Buhari is not about being a
northerner or a Muslim . It has to do with what is in the best
interest of Nigerians. A leader is like a blind man. People on the
ground or on the field could see what he cannot see.
“Preachers of religions who are apolitical are the ones that are the
eyes , telling the leadership what to do or where things are going
“We are like the press too, we are supposed to be neutral in our
presentation of facts. Once things are not going on as they should
be, it is our duty to come out to explain to the people and the
government what is wrong and also proffer solutions.
“Even before Buhari came, I was one of the few people that
advised him that the Nigerian situation at the end of Jonathan’s
regime was not the best for him. He was going to make things
worse, not better.
“If you are bringing in a patient who has broken all his limbs to the
hospital , the doctor will be concerned about whether his blood is
circulating and not about his broken bones.
“The doctor will not be looking at the protruding bones but those
standing by will be looking and wondering why the doctor is not
concerned about the bones.
“The doctor is concerned about how to save the life of the patient.
That is how Nigeria is. When you are concerned and obsessed
with what can be fixed later, you are rather killing Nigeria. That is
what I see in the government.”


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