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Boss Mike Ozekhome, SAN hammers APC – Led organization again as he depicted the President Muhammadu Buhari’s organization as the most confused and directionless government ever.
Against the scenery of the most droned motto about Buhari government “battling defilement”, Mike Ozekhome noticed that Buhari has rather founded an ‘exceptional privatization of debasement’ in the nation.
In an announcement he marked Thursday night, titled ‘Desires from President Buhari: Pursuing Triffless’, the senior backer of Nigeria said that President Buhari was running a legislature that unreservedly spreads destitution, thwarted expectation, despairing, misery and pity.
As indicated by him, without precedent for the historical backdrop of Nigeria, Nigerians were spending their Christmas at filling stations lining for fuel, which is being sold to the most noteworthy bidder.
The announcement peruses;
“Desires from PMB? That is a tall dream.
“Nigerians’ desires, not mine, are that PMB should first frame and set up a genuine government legitimately supposed before we start to discuss PMB giving Nigerians majority rule government profits.
“This is the most dumbfounded, most directionless, most untrustworthy and most degenerate government in the historical backdrop of Nigeria since the January 1, 1914 Lugardian amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates to frame Nigeria.
“It is for the most part a “one possibility” cabalistic administration of amazing murkiness, extraordinary privatization of debasement and a legislature that unreservedly spreads neediness, dissatisfaction, despairing, misery, trouble, torments, blood, and strings.
“Without precedent for the tragic history of Nigeria, Nigerians spent Xmas at petroleum stations, lining for fuel, while government authorities are improperly occupying and pitching accessible fuel to their cohorts and most noteworthy bidders.
“This is a legislature that consistently “battles” defilement inside itself with sweet noticing sasarobia fragrance, while battling purported debasement of restriction and faultfinders of government with bug sprays, pesticides and herbicides.
“This administration secures its degenerate authorities associated with mind screwing up theft of $25billion dollars contracts, warehousing of 50b from TSA and improperly asking for $1billion to battle a Boko Haram that it guaranteed to have crushed since December, 2015.
“To talk about this administration is to take part in sheer cliché and Baba Sallah’s Alawada Kerikeri showmanship and nonsense.

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  4. All this lawyers are hypocrites

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