Buhari’s Anti Corruption War Is Glaring Double Standards—Reno Omokri

I meant what I said a week ago that if the Kano State Governor,
Umar Ganduje, had been caught red handed and on camera taking
bribes, under a Peoples Democratic Party administration, by now
he would be an ex Governor.
I got a lot of flak for that statement and the reason is because
Nigerians have no sense of history. What happened last week is
like ancient history to a Nigerian, how much more what happened
last decade. It is sad, but true.
Let us take a walk down memory lane.
On November 21, 2005, then Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreye
Alamieyeseigha, jumped bail in London after being arrested for
suspected money laundering and other related charges. Within a
week of his return from London to his state, the process for his
impeachment had commenced and ten days after his return, he
became an ex-Governor.
Alamieyeseigha was a PDP Governor, under a PDP Federal
Government. But party solidarity did not save him when it was
established that he had been mismanaging his state’s finances.
Can President Buhari and the All Progressive Congress say the
Ever since the Kano Governor was caught on camera
implementing Babanriga banking, there has been a very loud
silence from the supposedly anti corruption government of
President Muhammadu Buhari. Very strange indeed seeing as the
President is never shy of accusing everybody but himself of
And that is why I find the treatment being meted out to former Ekiti
state Governor, Ayo Fayose, most vindictive. The President
showed his bands months ago by his barely concealed hatred for
Fayose. And it was not just President Buhari that publicly
condemned Fayose. Even his wife, Aisha, called Fayose a ‘mad
dog’. Yet very strangely, the trio of Buhari, Aisha, and the Economic
and Financial Crimes Commission have suddenly become quiet
ever since Governor Umar Ganduje was caught on camera taking
The whole Ganduje saga has exposed the hollowness of President
Buhari’s so called anti-corruption war. Even the President’s
supporters are no longer able to proffer convincing rebuttals to the
charge that what we have is just an anti opposition war.
These are the same people traversing social media to slander and
impugn the image and reputation of the candidate of the Peoples
Democratic Party, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar.
Without seeing any form of evidence, whether video, documentary,
or otherwise, they falsely claim Atiku is corrupt. Now they have a
video where a serving APC Governor is receiving bribe and they
refuse to believe that he is corrupt.
The worst is that the APC issued a statement saying they cannot of
take action against Governor Umar Ganduje over his alleged
bribery caught on video because he has gone to court, yet
President Buhari banned people who are in court from traveling.
Everybody on President Buhari’s travel ban list (except the dead
ones) have a pending case against the government. So how are
they different from Ganduje? Do we have one set of laws for APC
membered and another for PDP members?
And to imagine that Musa Ilyasu, a Commissioner in Governor
Umar Ganduje’s administration, defended the Kano Governor’s
bribery by saying (and I quote) “there‘s nothing new in this. Who
asked the contractors to give the money to the governor?” Is this
how APC/Buhari are fighting corruption? I am just heartbroken.
The saddest thing to me is that Ganduje is the recipient of
Nigeria’s third highest National Honour, Officer of the Order of the
Federal Republic (OFR). Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who has
achieved so much for Nigeria, does not have an OFR, but a bribe
taking thief does. And we wonder why we are like this?
And it is not just Ganduje’s case that exposes President Buhari as
a hypocrite. The double standards is not an isolated incident but a
well honed state policy under Buhari’s leadership.
For example, The Buhari administration is taking Senator Ademola
Adeleke to court for examination malpractice, yet this same
government took Kemi Adeosun to the airport to escape Nigeria
after being exposed for certificate forgery.
An Adeleke who allegedly committed malpractices at an
examination is better than a President who did not even practice
the examination. He who comes to equity, must come with clean
hands. Before President Buhari charges Senator Adeleke, let him
show us his certificate.
The double standards of this government are becoming strikingly
EFCC DETAINS Fayose, but APC RETAINS Ganduje. That is
Buhari’s Nigeria for you. If APC members forge certificates, they
are escorted to the airport to escape, like Kemi Adeosun. But if
you are a PDP member, the police will escort you to court, like
Senator Adeleke. This will not do. This will not do at all.
Finally, let me say to those youths that have been recruited by the
Buhari Media Center to promote the Buhari government on social
media: rather than just blindly do what they tell you, I challenge you
to name one youth in Buhari’s cabinet. For almost four years that
Buhari has ruled Nigeria, he could not find a single youth to
appoint to his cabinet, and here you are on social media
campaigning for such a government.
These BMC youths should remember that Nigeria became the
world’s headquarters for extreme poverty under Buhari because of
the massive failure to govern displayed by Buhari and his cabal.
These guys have failed and it is time they gave way to a more
effective leadership.
As I always say, it is impossible for a man who could not grow his
own private business to be able to grow the economy of a nation.
Buhari had 150 cows in 2011 according to his asset declaration. In
2015, it was found that he declared the same number of cows as
assets. If Atiku was the one that had 150 cows in 2011, do you
think they will still be 150 cows today? Nigerians, be wise. Don’t
mistake laziness and lack of business acumen for ‘integrity’. You
have to be extremely clueless if you can’t make your cattle
reproductive. Buhari is due for his pension. Let us all join hands to
make that happen on February 16, 2019.
Reno’s Nugget
One of the most ungrateful things to do is complain to God about
the life you have while billions pray to God to give them just a
fraction of the life that you have. You complain to God about your
parents while orphans are praying to God for somebody to love
them. So, stop looking up to God for money and financial
breakthroughs. He gave us brains and hands to get a job or a
business. God is not some casino where you can get lucky. Look
up to God for two things only-for redemption and things that you
are unable to do by yourself # RenosNuggets
Reno’s Darts
Who knows what happened to Tam David West, the man who in
2015 promised that Buhari would reduce price of petrol to ₦40 per
litre. The man has become as invisible as Buhari’s achievements.
Poor man. He thought that by being a noisemaker he would
become a newsmaker.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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