Building an acceptable character in marriage

Marriage is all about character building. Marriage is a real life movie. In marriage, you are the script writer. Both spouse are the
script writers. It is a joint effort towards having the best marriage. I had amazing movie playing in my imagination of what my
marriage would look like, even before i got married. I have scripts
written and keep editing them with the help of the Holy Spirit until i found my wife.

If you want to have the best marriage, i advice you study on character building in script writing. As you write what you have in mind, you need to be aware you are the lead actor or actress in the movie. You are to developed your character as well as develop character of spouse of your taste. The development of marriage is synonymous to the development of a movie.

A failure in marriage is a failure in character building, and not the
accusation you see people cooked up against their spouse. Character development can refer to either the task of sitting down and creating a character (working out their appearance, history, mannerisms, and so on), or it can refer to the change a character undergoes during the course of a story.

A good story needs a great cast of characters to be memorable. That’s why you should spend time building a great character. When you start your screenplay you need to think about the characters you are going to write about. There are ten things a character needs to be great. These all apply to main characters, villains, supporting characters and even minor characters. They villains and minor characters are those who irrelevant people in and around that always sees something wrong with you. The ten keys to building a great character are: A Goal And An Opposition, Motivation, A Backstory, A Point Of View And Attitude, Revealing Action, Growing Room, Plausibility, Details, Research, A StrongSupporting Cast.

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