Cattle colonies will cause 2nd civil war – Biafra group tells FG


The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has said that the central government’s intend to have cows provinces over the states in the nation is a period bomb holding up to detonate.
Central Government had uncovered that work will start one week from now on the proposed steers settlements in states that have shown intrigue.
Responding, MOBIN additionally blamed the Federal Government for declining to banish as psychological oppressor gathering, the herders murdering and mangling lives in numerous parts of the nation simply like it hurried to restrict the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) gathering, saying while IPOB assemble was just fomenting calmly for a correct course, the herders were slaughtering and assaulting individuals with exemption.
In an announcement marked by its Director-General, Eberechukwu Anigbogu, MOBIN said the central government’s deferral or hesitance in prohibiting herders as psychological oppressor assemble in spite of their fear demonstrations in numerous parts of the nation likened to complicity.
“Following the disappointment of the central government (that squandered no time in restricting a peaceful development as a psychological oppressor association) to control the threat of fear mongers taking on the appearance of herders yet rather, intending to build up states for them demonstrates government complicity as well as goes far to demonstrate that for sure all creatures are not equivalent in this nation.
“Steers raising which is entirely a private business of a few people from a few sections of the nation has turned into an issue of national talk whereby the herders are permitted to utilize modern weapons without being captured, is a major issue of concern and these men have left only gore, decimation of farmlands and properties on their way.
“It beats basic rationale that as opposed to requiring the capture and indictment of these fear mongers, they’re to be compensated. MOBIN is in this manner approaching the legislature to put a stop to any plans that will see the administration taking the terrains that has a place with local people and be given to nonnatives who should pay for the land on the off chance that they require it on the grounds that each agent pays for his shop if he’s not the proprietor.
“MOBIN in this manner rejects the foundation of provinces in any piece of our property and approaches her political pioneers to do same as this is a period bomb holding up to detonate



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