Certificate saga:Buhari is hiding something-PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the fretting and jittering
in the Presidency whenever the issue of President Muhammadu
Buhari’s academic certificate is mentioned confirms assertions by
Nigerians that Mr. President is morally burdened and ostensibly
has something to hide.

The PDP, in response to a statement credited to the Buhari
Presidency alleging that those raising the certificate issue are
sowing seeds of discord, insists that President Buhari’s handlers
should do the needful by placing the certificate in public domain
instead of confronting and threatening Nigerians for demanding
that Mr. President shows his certificate.

The Buhari Presidency should know that their threats and
confrontation cannot take away the fact that their principal’s
certificate issue requires a personal responsibility and Mr.
President cannot wish away this responsibility as he had always
done on official matters.

If Mr. President has nothing to hide, he should end the
confrontations by his presidency and show integrity by writing the
military authorities to make public the said certificate.
In failing to do so, Mr. President is opening himself to public
opprobrium particularly as millions of Nigerian youths see such as
grossly undesirable of a leader, expected to set examples.
Moreover, President Buhari should know that Nigerians are aware
that he is not the only retired military officer to aspire for elective
office in the country and none of them brought the claims of their
certificates being held by the military.

The PDP, therefore, holds that Mr. President must show Nigerians
his claimed school certificate upon which his nomination as a
candidate is based. If he does not have this credential, he should
make such declaration and stop the nebulous claim that his
credentials are with the military.

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