Cheerleader’s squad: how to know if your man is truly on your team

It is one thing for your man to say that he is supportive of your goals and dreams but it is quite another matter for him to go all the way to show his support.
Some men are so smooth that you won’t realise they do not approve of your plans or do not even understand them at all. Therefore, the following signs will tell you if he is really on-board.
1. He doesn’t zone out on you
When telling him about your day, he doesn’t get bored. He is involved in all you do, down to helping you make plans and offering advice/suggestions when things go awry.
2. He doesn’t complain about your schedule
He understands that you are busy and that it is all because you have a goal. This does not mean that you should not make an effort to spend time with him, though.
3. He offers to help
When there is a new project, he makes conscious efforts to be available to help.
4. He is enthusiastic about what you do
He brings up your plan and asks questions. Whatever milestone you achieve is a big deal to him.
5. He pushes you
He is always cheering you on. When things are difficult and you think of giving up, he is there to tell you to keep going.
6. He pampers you when you’re stressed out
When you have had a setback or tiring day, he not only understands but pampers you in any little way he can. Note that depending on how expressive/romantic he is, what a man will do varies.
7. He boasts about you
He loves to tell others about what you do and your plans because he is so proud of you.


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