Chimamanda Adichie, narrator for malaria summit, London

Chimamanda Adichie served as the Lead Narrator for the Malaria
Summit London 2018, which was co-hosted by the governments of
Rwanda, Swaziland, and the United Kingdom on April 18th ahead
of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of State and Government
Meeting. Ms. Adichie shared two stories centered on her personal
experience with the disease. Other speakers included Bill Gates
and HRH Prince Charles.
The aim of the event was to accelerate the fight against malaria by
calling for increased funding and political leadership, development
of new innovative tools to address the evolving nature of the
disease, and better data-driven solutions. Attendees included
Heads of State and Government, as well as leaders from the
private sector and international organizations.
The Summit, titled “Ready to Beat Malaria”, concluded with a
commitment to halve malaria in the Commonwealth by 2023.


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