Claudia Sassou’s sexual coup, aborted by the royal councillors of Morocco

Having heard of the divorce of the king of Morocco, Mohamed Vi, the small congo
poupou, Claudia Sassou Nguesso Ex-widow lemboumba, has
done everything to seduce him in the dream of becoming
queen. Come, despite him, giving sassou a hand with his
history of the blue fund, the king did not have time for coco.
King Mohammed vi had arrived on Saturday, 28 April 2018, to
participate in the summit of heads of state and government of
the climate commission and the blue fund of the congo basin,
scheduled for Sunday in the congolese capital. . The King was
denis sassou nguesso’s special guest.

The Official delegation accompanying the sovereign was
composed of the royal advisers, Fouad Ali El Himma and yassir
zenagui, who avoided the king’s persecution of the daughter of
the congolese head of state denis sassou nguesso.
He wanted to imitate his late sister Edith Lucie (now first lady
of gabon), Claudia Sassou Drew up a king’s seduction plan that
literally failed thanks to the insight of the king’s advisors,
especially yassir zenagui.

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The plan’s plan was to make her the accompagnante of the
sovereign during her entire congolese stay. Moments she
would enjoy to apply as new queen of Morocco.
On the other hand, his father denis sassou nguesso, during an
interview with Mohamed Vi, had said only the good of his
daughter. Sassou and Claudia knew that the king had just
divorced his wife salma. The noise has always been in the
african palaces of the taste of the black women of the late
Hassan II.

Claudia sassou also wanted to try her luck, despite the bad fate
of her late husband gabonais, who died because of her
constant infidelity.

Yassir Zenagui, on the scent of Claudia Sassou’s sexual coup
with his boss the king, maliciously foiled it. One more
sentimental failure in Claudia’s life, which has more than 60
men on her own.

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