Depending on how severe they are it may be more or less difficult to remove your stretch marks. If they still have a reddish coloration it’s possible that you can make them completely disappear.
Stretch marks can be a headache for a lot of people. They’re normally thought to be a nuisance only for women but men can also suffer from them.
We’re referring to those irregular lines that are reddish in color on the surface of the skin.
They’re the result of a stretching process that occurs in the upper layers of your skin, especially just under the surface.
The problems associated with stretch marks are typically associated with their appearance.
People usually find that they affect their self-esteem and become nervous about exposing their bodies in public (swimming pools, the beach, other locations) because of what people might say about them.
The most influential factors and locations of stretch marks
Like any other cosmetic issue, there are certain factors that influence their appearance, and some are more easily controlled than others.
In the case of stretch marks, their presence is attributed to fluctuations in the body weight. This means that your weight has gone up and down in an uncontrolled manner.
But weight isn’t the only influential factor associated with the appearance of stretch marks.
A growth spurt during puberty is another common cause, as your skin starts to stretch to the point of losing its elasticity, resulting in those bright marks.
Another factor that regularly causes the appearance of stretch marks is pregnancy. In these cases the marks are located in the abdominal region and on the sides.
Based on the above factors, it’s easy to pinpoint parts of the body where these reddish marks will most likely appear, although they can be influenced by a variety of other factors.
The key regions are the abdominal area, the breasts, the buttocks, the thighs, and the hips. Although they all start out with a reddish color, there are other shades, like tan and white. It varies from person to person.
Natural ways to treat stretch marks
Stretch marks are a skin condition that easily evolves or advances. This means that not all of your stretch marks are at the same stage.
For this reason, some of them can be eliminated and others can only be treated.
In general terms, these are divided up with respect to their appearance. The newest ones maintain that reddish hue while the ones that have been on the skin for the longest time are normally white.
As mentioned above, both types can be treated. Red stretch marks are much easier to erase and can even be eliminated.


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