Common misconceptions about long-distance relationships

Over the years, people have developed prejudice over long-distance relationships even the advent of the 21st-century technology and social media which enhances fast and easy communication between people hasn’t lessened this prejudice one bit. It is believed that a long distance relationship is headed for the rocks right from day one!
However, this is just a false assertion; there’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that a long-distance relationship is a lot of work but which relationship isn’t? Hence, we’ll get right down to clear the air about some common misconceptions people have about long distance relationships.
It will be harder
Generally, relationships have their bad moments and this also applies to long-distance relationships; it is only as hard as you make it be. As long as you’re in the relationship with the right mindset and you’re ready to be committed to your man, then it wouldn’t be as bad or hard as people think it to be.
It’s as good as not having any relationship
It is generally believed that due to the distance, two couples can’t possibly remain devoted to each other and that you can as well just know you’re single already. Sure, your partner isn’t right there with you and you might not know what they’re up to but as long as you both are dedicated to loving each other you’d need to make certain sacrifices just like other regular relationships, although yours might be a lil bit different. You might need to stay up late at night for Face-time with your man or even cancel plans just to make that long phone call! It’s all about being committed.
Your long distance relationship isn’t worth it
Before jumping to the conclusion that long-distance relationships are a waste of time, stop to think about the fact that it’s the mindset of the two people involved in the relationship that matters and not the distance between them. If they are willing to endure months of staying apart due to the love they share, if they’re cool with having their date nights on Skype and remaining devoted regardless, then it’s absolutely worth it!

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