Confusion as Nnamdi Kalu readdresses speech


The notion that buhari is cloned was a wild spread notion that a lot of people have argued a lot about , and it seems that more research ought to be done is this . The main man that was assumed to have propounded the great -theory- is Nnamdi Kanu the owner of radio Biafra and the head of ipob . As the earliest assumption went , it was stated that the president was cloned and his replacement is a jubril from Sudan a lot of proofs were made e.g his ears and the  way his neck is reference was also made to his hands too .


Meanwhile putting all these aside the leader of IPOB Nnamdi kanu has come out to say that people are just misjudging things . That the president died and a new person from Sudan came to replace him.  Nnamdi kanu also spoke of the minister of information lai mohammed claiming that he had a degree in a course that deal with cloning and claiming that a 75 year old can’t be cloned . This update heightened the suspense and tense now surrounding the buhari and jubril case . The IPOB leader also claimed that the APC politicians are just using him as a mask and also to obtain position in 2018 .  Moreover , a man that is quite respected as far nigeria is concerned came out to say that buhari can’t communicate in fulani to show that he is a clone .

Finally , the stories we are seeing in this country is now very weird to just behold . A president getting cloned is even more weird than ever .

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