The gate to financial fortune does not open until you engage in the
covenant of seed time and harvest. Genesis 8:22
Let your heart pant for God and He will put you above the nations
of the earth.
By the blood of Jesus, whatever the doctors say is impossible, God
will be make it possible in your life!
Every gang up of the enemy against your destiny shall be scattered
in the name of Jesus!
In this nation, the enemy shall not have his way in the name of
That your company in a corner will soon become a global
Whatever the enemy has planted in your life, they are moved out
by the blood of Jesus!
It doesn’t matter where you are now; God is saying “I am
determined to change your level today”!
Anyone that dares you will go down for you!
Whatever goes down in the world will not go down in your life!
Every trace of shame and reproach in your life is removed today in
the name of Jesus!
Anyone appointed to death, that appointment is crushed!
Welcome to your season of financial fortune!
Be rest assured; no devil can stop your blessings.

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