When I was a young missionary in Africa I had an office to look
after. The monthly rent was only about $ 50, but one day I could
not pay, and I prayed and groaned all day, “Dear Lord, send me
somehow $ 50 to pay the rent.” The hours passed, evening came,
but I still had no money. Slowly, I walked down the road to the
house where we stayed as a family. Suddenly, in the middle of that
road, the power of the Lord came upon me. I heard His voice
clearly in my heart, “Do you want Me to give you one million
dollars?” One million dollars! My heart raced. What I could do with
that amount of money! Why, with a million dollars I could bombard
the whole world with the gospel, I thought. But then, a different
thought struck me. I am not at all a weepy person, but tears began
running down my face, and I cried, “No, Lord, I am not asking for
one million dollars. I want more than that. I am asking for one
million souls! One million souls less in hell and one million more in
heaven – that shall be the purpose of my life and ministry.” That
moment I heard the Holy Spirit quietly whispering in my very spirit,
words I had never heard or read before, “You will plunder hell and
populate heaven for Calvary’s sake.” That day, a determination
gripped me. I knew that God had greater plans for my life, and I
set out to fulfill them in progressive stages. God has granted me
ever increasing blessing and grace. How often since then have I
seen the devastating power of the gospel crash against the gates
of hell, storming the dark domains of Satan! I have often seen,
within one week, over a million precious people respond to the call
of salvation in our gospel Campaigns. I joked with my co-workers
that, “If Jesus keeps on saving souls at this rate, one day the devil
is going to sit alone in hell.” I am glad to make Satan sorry.
Knowing the power of the gospel, we do not need to be anxious.
Jesus is more than sufficient for every need. The world is sick, and
Jesus has the only remedy – the gospel. Our part is simply that
we must carry this medicine to the patients. Christ commanded it
– “Go!” That is not a suggestion, or a recommendation, but an
order. We had better obey, or else miss the greatest joy known to


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