Critical analysis of politicians behavior in Nigeria and the possible outcome

Critical analysis of politicians behavior in Nigeria and the possible outcome

The most confused and disgraceful politician goes to SARAKI – all
plots has turned against him. From all indication, he will loss
senate president seat and eventually be jailed for the height of his
atrocity to his home State and Nigeria at large.
The most power monger and rejected politician goes to ATIKU –
he’s seen as a politician under a spell and of cause no want to be
picked as flag bearer by all political party in Nigeria.
The award of the most destroyer of self political ground was
received by KWANKOSO – before now he has whopping followers
across northern states for his outstanding performance while he
was kano State Governor and for beaten ATIKU in 2015 APC
predential primary election. U can’t imagine the kind of
embracement he faced this week in Kaduna.
DOGARA bagged award of the most wary politician – he resisted
force from SARAKI to use him for personal interest.
The most loser of reputation is OBASANJO – he called PDP all sort
of abusive names and tore his membership card publicly and said
he had quited politics. Now he’s back to PDP and wants to impose
SULE LAMIDO as PDP Presidential candidate.
The most regretting politician is BUBA GALADIMA – he’s closed
associate of PMB but for personal reason broke up and was
deluded in formation of alliance that gave birth to CUPP that broke
on arrival. Now neither PDP nor any other political party discuss
The most coward politician is SENATOR DINO MELAYE – he lacks
self control and behaves childishly
The most dishonest politician is GOVERNOR TAMBUWA – before
2015 election, he said staying in PDP is like staying in hellfire and
that PMB has no single project in Sokoto. Now he has gone back
to the PDP(HELLFIRE) and was proved wrong while SENATOR
WAMAKO Visited home (Sokoto)
The most shameful politician of the year is GOVERNOR FAYOSE –
He fails to continue attacking central Government hitherto he failed
The best deceiver of the year is SENATOR AKPABIO – on the
massive defection day, he danced on the floor of the welcoming
SARAKI’s guys to his party to prove to him he’s with him
wholeheartedly but upon SARAKI’s defection, he left for APC to
oust SARAKI.
The most spy and intelligent politician of the year is SENATOR
SHEHU SANI – He was in every meeting held by PDP and even
made publication regarding is possible defection until deed day
when he did otherwise and revealed every plots to APC.

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david obandoma
david obandoma

Our politicians are the major problem Nigeria is having, I wish our youth will unite in fighting against all the fake and bad politicians.

Salahuddeen Abubakar
Salahuddeen Abubakar