Current situations in Nigeria has proved that Nigeria is heading for breakup-Family Writer Press

A critical review of the events of today shows that Nigeria as a
country is heading to nothing other than an eventual breakup.
Since after the first Civil War that saw determined Biafrans
decimated by a less determined Nigerians, due to the massive
supply of weapons and man power by the British government.
Those that were Nigerians then have not failed to remind the South
East and South South of today about what happened to their
fathers in those days. They remind them how their hospitals,
schools, farm lands and markets were bombarded. They tell them
how their territories were blockaded leaving millions of Biafran
children dead. They are always quick to ask Biafrans to ask their
fathers how they suffered during that genocidal War. A typical
Northerner and South Westerner have refused to understand that
things have changed with the cause of time. It is on this note I
want to discuss about the ongoing War of confusion and
impending anarchy that is about to befall Nigeria.
The truth is that, it is only the blind that will claim ignorant of the
anarchy that Nigeria is and will become sooner than expected. I
am not partisan, but I will not fail to state that the emergence of
the All Progressive Congress (APC) was for a reason. It’s coming
was meant to expose Nigeria for what it truly is. The true image of
Nigeria and the hopelessness of 1999 Constitution have been
somehow hidden for sixteen years under the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP). It took the APC just three years to expose it all. Who
would have believed that Nigeria has a constitution that aids
tyranny? Who would have believed that a group can kill more than
6,000 Nigerians in 3years without a single arrest. It is now known
to all that Nigeria is not one and has never been one. People
thought they saw rigging under the PDP, but the APC has in three
years proven that PDP was indeed like a kid when it comes to
rigging and corruption. The President’s lopsided appointments, his
ill- treatment of the Easterners and other parts of the country since
he assumed office are signs that Nigeria is destined to
The future is bleak for Nigeria. This writer sees an APC win come
2019, unless President Buhari decides not to contest or the
caliphate falls out with him. He sees the President increasing the
tempo of intimidation. He sees more Media clampdown, arrest of
journalists and even death of more Civilians. Nigeria is heading to
anarchy. The government of the day will be out to decimate every
opposing voice. There will be uprising in the Middle Belt, South
South and South East, with the South West having a relative peace
as they benefit from the rot Nigeria is after the Fulanis – a ploy by
the Fulani to conquer their territory totally.
The Middle Belt will rise up. They will decode the intention of the
Fulanis. They will understand that it is about ethnic cleansing and
land grabbing. They will suddenly say no to the wanton killing of
their women and children by the government pampered if not
sponsored Islamic Fulani herdsmen terrorists.
South South and South East will take their agitation to expel Nigeria
out of their territory to a heightened level. The king of the North will
draft an Army against the Middle Belt and against Easterners. His
order will be to crush every uprising. He will completely forget a
call for prayers. This will heighten tension. It will lead to division in
the Army. The soldiers who are already unhappy with the way
things are going on in the country will start deserting the one-sided
justice barren Nigerian Military. This will mark the beginning to an
end of what you know today as Nigeria. Do not take my word for it,
evidence abound.
Nigeria fought a Civil War in 1960s and there won’t be any such
War again. Those thinking that Nigeria will ever fight another Civil
War are mistaking. The question is: who will fight who? The only
group clamouring for War in Nigeria now is the Fulani, but they
cannot fight alone. There will be anarchy. There might be killings,
but it will never degenerate into Civil War. This is because Nigeria
of today has lost what it takes to fight a Civil War. Nigeria is
completely disunited to fight a unity War. The uprising will happen
simultaneously. Unlike in 1967 the Middle Belt who provided more
than 50% manpower will be totally unwilling to fight a War of
uniting a Nigeria that slaughters them on daily basis. The Yorubas
who benefit from the ill-structured Nigeria will never support going
to War because they will be the highest loser. They will guard
Lagos jealously. Without other regions supporting Fulani War
mongers, they will move into self destruction.
Interesting times lies ahead! Nigeria will surely hit a rock, but there won’t be any War.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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