Based on true events
….It was the end of semester
Exams was fast approaching and being in a Nigerian university, exam preps are done in poorly lighted, mosquito infested lecture rooms.
She got a spot and sat
People came and people left.
Some felt confident they had studied enough and some had to stay the whole night.
She was one of them.
Battling between studying and sleeping,
Nature won.
And as she slept,
She felt it
A tingly sensation, it felt cold.
And it went right to her most private parts
Intruding into her privacy, at first she thought it was a dream
But it was glaring that it wasn’t.
Too shocked to move, she kept still.
She had heard stories of the neighbourhood touts, who touched women in sensitive parts and ran away; but she thought they were uneducated so they felt pleasure at someone else’s expense.
Never did she think a university undergraduate, in the four walls of a tertiary institution will stoop to doing same.
She waited until she felt the sensation again
An arm reaching for her boobs and another on her thighs
…….She grabbed him…….she slapped him……..he slapped her back….
People rushed towards them. “What happened?” They asked
Her voice shaking, more from the pain of being violated than being slapped. She explained.
“Show us where he touched you.” They chorused
“Let us see where he touched you.” They said as they reached out to touch her boobs too.
They were her classmates
They were men
They were husbands
They were brothers
They were her mother’s sons
They were stronger
but they watched to their entertainment as she was being molested
They laughed and cheered
“Where have our mothers gone wrong? How did they raise such monsters?” she questioned.
She left the classroom feeling violated…. She studied in her room…. She avoided them all.
She felt dirty and ashamed…. She felt angry…. She felt cheated. She didn’t consent to that.
She thought of the men she was supposed to be married to, how they laughed while she was humiliated.
She thought them to be her brothers, but they did nothing to the man who tried to defile her.
She thought them as ‘protectors’, who did nothing but harm her.
As she wiped a tear, she made a promise to the world
That she will never raise her son to be like them
The men we were to marry.
The men our mothers raised.
Whose hearts do not break at the sight of abuse
Who found it amusing
My heart weeps for us, for them…
Nigerian educated men.



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